We can offer

* Smooth your workflow
* Enhance existing systems
* Sensitive Data Security
* Reduce the time spent on papers
* End the frustrationn on key in the duplicate information
* Service and support

A custom database turns mountains of paper and spreadsheets into easy-to-use information
Normally, for most cases, your database pays for itself within the first year of use, and often much sooner
Push a button and instantly generate customized reports

Custom Application Development

Our Technologies deliver custom application development and offers a wide range of custom IT programming services. We have outstanding experience in custom database development, desktop application design, and graphic user interface.

Custom Web Base Application Development

dbcode Technologies is offering a variety of services from startup and basic Website Design to complete e-commerce websites allowing you to sell products and manage your company online. We do from MRP/MRP II to ERP/ERP II, so you can manage your data everywhere (at home or office). With experienced of graphic design, website development and e-commerce business, you can be sure that whatever your demands are, we can help you.

Rapid ERP Application Development

From start to finish we creates the application that meets your needs. We develope applications from small to medium business using Rapid Application Development (RAD) process. The RAD methodology is very helpful and is one of the reasons we deliver software systems very fast. It is suitable for the business objectives are well defined.